6 books that changed my reading habits

About a month ago, I posted a picture on Instagram that regrouped some of the books that have changed my love of reading and so, my reading habits. It didn't happen all at once obviously but they definitely left a mark with me and I'll forever be thankful for them in one way or another. Today, I thought I'd go back on that post and talk about it more. I'm not really good with words and big detailed explanation but I'll try my best.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer The Lost Slayer by Christopher Golden

Why I love this book: futuristic alternate universe.
I'm a collector of Buffy books and, admitedly, some of them are a hit while others are a miss with me. However, this book, though completely different to me. It doesn't start in the future but at some point, Buffy's thrown in the body of her future self in this alternate universe that she created by accident and she's got to figure out what she did and how to fix it. The setting was on point, the characters were also and everything in this world was believable. That villain was perfect, too. I still don't read a lot of books set in the future or a lot of alternate universes but it definitely opened my mind to them.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone by J.K. Rowling

Why I love this book: secret magical world in a regular world. and a magic school.
I don't think whatever I'll say here will be that much different than what anyone else could say about this. This book teaches you about the importance of friendship, how to face your fears no matter how hard it is, your past doesn't make who you are and a few others that are important. Also, it made me want to read more about magic worlds and witches and wizards. I'm still waiting for my letter of admittance to Hogwarts, okay?!

Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

Why I love this book: vampires, werewolves, love, oh my...
If I'm being honest, I've only read this book and the sequels once so I don't know if my opinion of them would be the same now but, at the time, it did something lotso of other books didn't. At the time though, it had everything to draw me in and it succeeded. There isn't a lot i can really say about this one but I did want more of this trop in the future for sure.

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
Divergent by Veronica Roth

Why I love these books: dystopian world.
Okay, so I'm putting these two together because they are both dystopian and even if they are similar in a lot of parts, they're completely different as well and it made me discover that it's a nice change to read about characters' lives in a sort of dysfunctional world. I mean, the governments created a new system and it works for them but there will always be rebels and I love this. My mind definitely opened to more dystopia/uthopia for sure.

To All the Boys I've Loved Before by Jenny Han

Why I love this book: fake dating that leading to real love.
This is the book that brought me out of my reading slump. I guess I've read too many fantasy books and I basically overdosed on it and stopped. Until this book came, in a completely different genre, and I gave it a try because I thought it was cute. Not only was it cute but I adored it and the sequels. A nice contemporary romance that makes for a very nice change from all these supernatural stories and totally different than all those Nicholas Sparks books for sure.

Let's chat!

What are the books that made an impact for you?
Did they make you want to read more in the genre? The trope?

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  1. We have very similar books that made us readers. I love all of these!