Review policy

*At this time, Louise A Reads is closed for book review requests.*

Hello book readers, authors and publishers and welcome to my blog!  Thank you for considering me to read  and reader your book.

Please take a moment to read my policy to make sure that what you are looking for and what I offer is a good match.

  • I'm far from being a professional reviewer so my reviews are really a jumble of thoughts about my reading. I don't go in extreme details about everything but I'm as honest as I possibly can.
  • I'm also a mood reader so it may take me a while to get to your book, read and review it and I'm also known to read up to 4 books at a time or only 1 depending on things. 
  • I make it a point to review everything but I will not blog the review if I didn't like your book. I will, however, email you with reasons why I didn't like it.
  • I don't follow the masses in the book community. I don't keep track of current books and upcoming book releases. I have a couple monthly book subscriptions but I mainly thrift my books so that's what I concentrate on the most.

If this isn't what you're looking for, you most likely didn't come to the right blogger/reviewer.

My prefered books are Young and New Adult. 

I mainly read in these genres: 
Fantasy, Contemporary, Fairytale and retelling, Romance, Dystopian, Cozy murder mystery, mystery thriller, Paranormal and Steampunk.

Genres I would consider reading:
Graphic novels, Middle grade, Historial fiction, Children, Short stories and Horror.

Genres I will not read:
Erotica, Memoirs, Biographies and Autobiographies, Literary fiction, Poetry, Self care, Business, Religious fiction.

If your genre isn't mentioned here, feel free to contact me with the details. I will look it over and decide if it is something I would like to read or not.

I will accept inquirires for:
  • Books and ARCs: I post pictures of books on Instagram and if you want me to include yours, it'll be easier for me to have a physical copy of it. Included with other books or individual pictures.
  • eBooks and e-ARCs: I use the Kindle app on my tablets and computer so when I'm out or doing other things, it's an easy outlet for me. I have managed to take a picture for Instagram before but it'll be more complicated to be creative.
I will not accept inquirires for:
  • Audiobooks. I've tried them last year after my car accident and it was fun but, to be honest, my attention tends to waver if I don't have the written words in front of my eyes and my review of the book will differ because of it. It happened before. I'm not saying I won't ever be opened to them again, however. I still have a few books on my Audible TBR that I want to get to. I just want to be fair with the book and your hard work.

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